Nippon Singapore Bodelac 9000


Bodelac 9000 is a durable enamel paint that protects metals from corrosion and wood from harsh weather elements. On internal and external primed wood and metal surfaces such as doors, railings, furniture and more.

Corrosion protection
Good hiding power


  • Easy application
  • Economical
  • Excellent adhesion to wood & metal surfaces
  • Good flow and smooth finish
  • Long-lasting colours
  • No lead or mercury added

Finish: High Gloss / Semi Gloss / Matt

Application Data

METHOD : Roller, brush and air spray

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: Approx. 17 m2 / litre

DRYING TIME: Touch Dry – 2 hours at 30°C

OVERCOATING TIME: 18 hours in normal conditions

Surface Preparation

The surface of the substrate must be:

  • Clean/Dry
  • Free from grease/oil
  • Free from rust/foreign matter
  • Stable

Exposed metal must be primed with:
Non-ferrous: Hi-Vinyl 1102 CF Etching Primer
Ferrous: Crystalux A/C Primer

Prepare by sanding to establish a smooth clean surface which is then applied with a suitable primer such as the CRYSTALUX ALUMINIUM WOOD PRIMER. The primer must be allowed to dry sufficiently before sanding is done to level out any irregularities of the applied substrate. Before painting, the surface must be clean, free from dust and any foreign matter.