Nippon Singapore Pylox Spray Paint


A modified acrylic-based aerosol paint that is specially formulated for decorative and protective purposes. It is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces

TYPE : Acrylic-Based
COLOUR : Solid, Metallic, Fluorescent and Heat Resistant colours
FINISH : Matt to Gloss

• Ideal for decorative purposes
• Ideal for use on metal, timber and paper surfaces
• Fluorescent colour: It is a striking eye-catcher for used on traffic signs, car and ship signboards, signs for firefighting vehicles, facilities and other safety notices


• Multipurpose quick dry spray paint
• Ozone-friendly (CFC-free) and non-toxic
• Extremely fast curing
• Good adhesion on various surfaces
• Good film properties such as hardness and flexibility
• Easy application
• Excellent colour uniformity
• Fluorescent range glows brilliantly when struck by sunlight and effective over a year. This effect is able to last longer when used indoors

METHOD : Spray
THEORETICAL COVERAGE : Wood surface – 0.4 – 1.0m2 per 400cc (3 passes per coat)
                                               Metal surface – 0.8 – 1.6m2 per 400cc (3 passes per coat)
The surface must be clean and dry, free from grease and oil prior to the application. Sand to improve adhesion
Light Metal and Alloys Chemical treatment is necessary prior to the application. Sand to improve adhesion
DRYING TIME : Hard Dry – 30 minutes at 30 °C


• Shake container vigorously for at least 30 seconds before use
• Hold can approximately 30 cm from the surface to be sprayed on
• While spraying, keep can in horizontal motion so that coating is deposited evenly. Do not permit paint to build up
• Spray several thin coats, instead of one heavy coat, and allow each coat to cure for at least 10 minutes
• For Fluorescent range, if the surface is not white-based, a coat of Pylox White is recommended for to bring out the fluorescent effect

CLEANING : After spraying, turn can upside down, point the spray nozzle into refuse can or old paper and press spray head for approximately 2 seconds to clear the paint in valve. If necessary, spray head can be cleaned by
pulling out of valve opening

SOLID CONTENT : 20 ± 2 % by weight (based on weight)
DENSITY : 0.9 – 1.05 (without pressurised)
PACKING : 400 cc per can
STORAGE : Can should be stored at room temperature (below 40 °C) with cap facing downwards
SHELF LIFE : Up to 36 months in a tightly sealed container

Colour Chart