Marine Coatings

Marine coating paint is a type of protective coating that commonly used in the marine environment to protect the ships, tankers, vessels and other materials from freshwater or saline water. This is because the piƫng corrosion and bacterial corrosion are most likely to happen in a marine environment. Thus, the marine paint has specific functional properties that provide superior protection against the saltwater, freshwater or rain to the surfaces to which it is applied. The coating would serve as a protection for submerged materials as well as ships, vessels or yachts from the marine corrosion. Besides, marine coated surfaces are easily cleanable. Types of Marine Coating Similar to other types of paints, the Marine paint also have clear coats, base coats as well as topcoats. You can find numerous of paints, stains, primers and varnishes that are specifically designed for watercraft and marine structure. As you can discern from the different types, the marine paint also different from other paints according to its performance and chemical properties. When you talk about marine paints, you probably would hear about anti-fouling coatings, epoxy sealers and primers, wood finishing products and epoxy fairing.