Product Name Main uses and features
990 series multifunctional environmental protection ink Meet the environmental protection standards of halogen, PAHS, ROHS, SVHC, FDA, EN71-3, bisphenol A, nonylphenol, PFOA, PFOS, phthalates. Print all kinds of ABS, PC, PVC, acrylic, PMMA, PET materials. All kinds of hardware, stainless steel, electroplating materials, aluminum materials, galvanized sheets, anodized materials (with L-DB-02 curing agent). All kinds of PU, UV paint surface, all kinds of hardening and strengthening materials. Alcohol resistance, rubber resistance, paper tape resistance, high temperature and humidity resistance, boiling water and good chemical resistance.
690 Series Reinforced Hardened Material Ink Add 10% DB-03 curing agent and bake at 60-100℃ for 30-60 minutes. It is suitable for strengthening and hardening PC, PET, acrylic, and some metal surfaces of hardware, electroplating and anode materials. It can also be used for ordinary ABS, PC, PET, PVC, treated PP and other materials.
680E series high alcohol resistance ink It is suitable for silk screen printing and pad printing on various ABS, acrylic, HIPS, PC, PVC and other injection hard plastic products or sheet surfaces. Medium dry ink, good leveling, medium gloss, can be screen printing, pad printing. Compared with ABS and MBS series, 680E series has superior alcohol resistance, gasoline resistance and superior abrasion resistance, and is more suitable for pad printing than ABS and MBS. (680E series inks meet the PAHS environmental protection standard of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
ABS series alcohol resistant ink Slow-drying, alcohol-resistant ink, mainly suitable for hard plastic parts such as AS, ABS, PVC, PC, acrylic, etc. It can be screen-printed, pad-printed, diluted with S-3 slow-drying oil and water or S-3A fast-drying thinner (common Anti-alcohol ink, 500g force 60 times).
PBS series lens ink Mainly used for injection molding parts of ABS, PS, PC, acrylic, AS and other plastics, especially for silk screen printing, pad printing, and bottom cover on the transparencies of the above materials, diluted with S-7 or S-7A quick-drying oil and water, not Erosion of the substrate, bright ink, good covering power and adhesion, it is a general-purpose non-alcohol-proof ink.
660 series UV bottom ink It is suitable for all kinds of surface or bottom printing that has been sprayed with UV varnish. 660 with D is screen printing on the surface of various materials sprayed with UV varnish (need to add 10-15% DB-02) 75 ℃ for 1 hour; 660 ordinary without D is mainly used for ABS, PC, acrylic material spray UV Screen printing before oil or two-component PU or rubber paint (touch paint) without adding curing agent.
900 series PP processing- free ink PP material is free of processing and can be screen printed and pad printed. The ink is resistant to alcohol, gasoline, vegetable oil, boiling water, and hand sweat (Note: It is recommended to test non-clean and pure PP materials first) diluted with S-3 thinner.
PPE series metal ink Multifunctional ink, suitable for surface screen printing and pad printing of PP material, hardware, electroplating, synthetic paper, PU paint and other materials, alcohol resistance and certain gasoline resistance, with S-3 slow drying thinner, some materials need It is better to use with 10% DB-01 curing agent.
600 series rubber ink Mainly used for hard rubber surface sprayed with rubber paint (elastic paint/feel paint), silk screen printing, pad printing, used in combination with 20% DB -01 curing agent (bake at 65-75 ℃ for 1 hour). It can also be used for some soft rubbers such as TPU, TPE, PVC, etc.
PUV series UV ink UV ink, UV curing, high alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, mainly used for injection molding parts of various ABS and PC materials (such as calculators, computer keyboards, etc., diluted w ith RS1243).
610 series UV surface ink The main materials of UV light curing screen printing ink are ABS, PC, PVC, unglazed ceramics. When the material has been sprayed with UV or PU paint, the ink must be added with 10%-20% DB-02 curing agent, and it can be cured after baking at 70°C for 40 minutes. Use RS1243 for silk screen printing and SL4414 for pad printing.
PET Series Sign Ink PET ink is mainly used for silk screen printing of PET materials, signs and membrane switches, and can also be printed on certain hardware, laser paper, decals, and inks on aluminum platinum. , usually thinned with S -3 slow-drying thinner (with N for halogen-free models).
PD series special alcohol-resistant ink Medium-dry, high alcohol-resistant, abrasion-resistant ink is suitable for screen printing and pad printing on various ABS, HIPS, PC, PVC, acrylic and other injection-molded hard plastic products or sheet surfaces. Especially for various keys and characters such as: (computer calculator, keyboard, mouse, etc.) S -3 extra slow dry thinner for silk screen printing; S -3A medium dry thinner for pad printing (adding DB-02 can also print PU painted surf aces).
MM series Suitable for ABS, PC, PMMA, PVC and other plastics, the product is slow -drying, especially suitable for fine screen printing of small characters, excellent thixotropy, no blocking of the net, special alcohol resistance, laboratory tes t printing PC, ABS, PVC and other materials It can reach 1000g force more than 350 times.
PP series: PP, PE plastic ink It is mainly suitable for some metals and electroplating materials, and can also be printed on PP materials. Low odor, high gloss, excellent covering ability, good flow and leveling, alcohol resistance, anti -white oil resistance, excellent adhesion, silk screen printing and pad printing.
SR series one-component metal ink One-component baking metal or paint surface ink, with S -3 slow drying thinner, baking at 160 ℃ for 15 minutes, weather resistance, water resistance, grease resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance.
EP series glass ink Mainly suitable for silk screen printing, pad printing on various glass and ceramic surfaces or silk screen printing and pad printing on some hardware baking varnish surfaces, supplemented by 13% EP -01 curing agent, bake at 150 ℃ for 15 minutes, solvent resistant, use S-3 slow Drying agent thinner.
MBS series PC, PVC signage ink Mainly suitable for PC, PVC signs, nameplate printing, the ink is bright in color, good in hiding power, not drawn, and not blocked, especially suitable for machine printing (diluted with S-3 slow-drying or S-3A medium-drying thinner).
other products Silicone ink, TPU ink, TPE ink, SAS transparent lens explosion -proof ink, 160 series hard glue high alcohol resistance wear-resistant halogen-free ink (compliant with PAHS)


Mirror Silver Applicable Materials Thinner Hardener Dry Condition
SP-8200 Reinforced PC, PET, PMMA, glass S-3 10% Can be baked at low temperature immediately after printing
SP-8300 AS, ABS PY-002 Bake at low temperature after the self -drying effect comes out
SP-8400 PC, PS, ABS, PMMA, AS, PVC PY-002 After the self-drying effect comes out, it can be baked at a low temperature
SP-8500 Glass PY-002 Can be baked immediately after printing (150° for 10 minutes)
SP-8700 PET S-3 Can be baked immediately after printing (80° for half an hour)
other products Solventseries: S -718 net washing water, S -3 slow drying thinner, S -7 wipe water, S -414 thinner, S-7A explosion -proof thinner, S -4406 white oil, S -3A pad printing Diluent; curing agent for various hardware, electroplating, glass ink, PP, PE treatment agent, defoamer, anti-oil agent, slow drying agent, slow drying paste, matting agent, wear -resistant agent, etc. At the same time, we can develop special products according to customer requirements.