Nippon Malaysia Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer


Nippon Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer is a vinyl acrylate solvent-based sealer.It is specifically formulated to protect the finishing coats against the effects of alkalinity and moisture from the walls. Nippon Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer is best used on interior and exterior walls, brickwork, plaster and asbestos-free substrates.

Paint Type : Solvent based
Finishing : Matt
Pack Size : 1 Litre, 5 Litres, 20 Litres
Product Type : Interior & Exterior
Recommended Substrate : Masonry wall, brickwork,plaster and asbestos free substrate

Product Features:

  • Promotes better adhesion
  • Good alkaline and efflorescence resistance
  • Good for chalky and powdery surfaces
  • For interior and exterior use

Application : Brush, spray, roller
Touch Dry / Hard Dry : – / 2 hour
Recoating Interval : Minimum 2 hour
Theoretical Coverage : 8 – 10 m2 per litre per coat

Surface Preparation
Remove all loose, defective paint or powdery residues, loose chalk, dust and foreign matter. Repair cracks, uneven surfaces with suitable fillers. Smoothen the filler areas with sand paper. Surfaces to be painted must be cleaned thoroughly and dry, it must be free from dirt, grease and other foreign matters. Allow all surfaces to dry completely prior to painting. Avoid painting when the moisture content and alkalinity of the walls are still high. (Recommended painting specification requires the moisture content of the walls to be below 16% measured by protimeter and alkalinity of the walls to be below pH9.) Spot prime with Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer

The above information is given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience. However, since we cannot anticipate or control the many conditions under which our products may be used, we can only guarantee the quality of the product itself.We reserve the right to alter the given without prior notice.