Nippon Singapore Bodelac 9000 Undercoat


Bodelac 9000 Undercoat is a high opacity and high solid undercoat that will effectively hide the substrate and impart a good film build to the overall coating system. Widely used as an undercoat over timber and metal

PACKING : 5 litres and 1 litre

TYPE : Oil-Based


USES : Specially designed undercoat for appropriately primed metals and wood surfaces


  • Quick-dry
  • High opacity for easy coverage
  • Promote good intercoat adhesion
  • Economical & easy to use

METHOD : Roller, brush & air spray
THEORETICAL COVERAGE : Approx. 18 m2/litre (based on 35 microns DFT per coat)
Brush – 5 ~ 10%
Roller – 5 ~ 10%
Air Spray – 10 ~ 20% or 15 ~ 25 sec NK-2 Cup

DRYING TIME : Touch Dry – 40 minutes at 30 oC
OVERCOATING TIME : 18 hours minimum based on normal conditions

Surface Preparation
Surface must be:

  • Clean and dry
  • Free from oil / grease
  • Free from rust / foreign matter
  • Stable

New Metal – prime with Crystalux AC Primer
Non ferrous – prime with Hi-Vinyl 1102 CF Etching Primer

All exposed metal must be primed immediately to prevent corrosion
Repaint – spot prime exposed metal with Crystalux AC Primer

Prepare by sanding to establish a smooth clean surface which is then applied with a suitable primer such as the Crystalux Aluminium Wood Primer. The primer must be allowed to dry sufficiently before sanding is done to level out any irregularities of the applied substrate. Before painting, the surface must be clean, free from dust and any foreign matter.

The information given is intended to give a description of the product performance under specific test conditions. Nevertheless, we cannot assume any responsibility for the use of it since circumstances under which the products are applied in practice are subjected to many variations. We reserve the right to alter the given data without notice.