Nippon Singapore VirusGuard


VIRUSGUARD is a specially formulated hygienic coating with Silver Ion technology. VIRUSGUARD provides antibacterial property and has been tested to be effective against human coronavirus. It is suitable for the protection and decoration of indoor wall to increases the defense against virus transmission over the painted surfaces and inhibits the bacteria growth on them.

PACKING : 5 litres

FINISH : Soft sheen finish

• Internal masonry surfaces, such as cement, plastered walls, brickwork and fiber boards.
• Ideal for use on interior walls of hospitals, schools, offices and residential buildings

• Water-based & low VOC
• Effective against human coronavirus when tested against SARSCoV-2 virus
• Anti-bacterial property
• Mould & mildew resistance
• Good flow and levelling
• Good hiding power
• Good stain resistance and washability
• Non-toxic and lead, mercury and heavy metals free

THEORETICAL COVERAGE : 10 – 12 m2/ litre (based on 35 microns DFT)

Surface Dry = 30 minutes at 30 oC
Hard Dry = 2 hour at 30 oC