Decorative Coatings


Complete line of pre-treatment products and a variety of other solutions that strengthen, protect and enhance the production and presentation of products.

  • PPG ZIRCOBOND and PPG x-BON thin-film pretreatment technologies based on zirconium chemistry and a proprietary blend of patented additives.
  • PPG CHEMFOS and PPG VERSABOND zinc phosphate technologies for CRS, hot rolled steel, aluminum and galvanized substrates that meet many OEM requirements.
  • PPG ULTRAGUARD cleaner-coater has demonstrated corrosion resistance performance that is significantly better than conventional iron-phosphate cleaner-coaters.


As a pioneer and global leader in this technology, PPG offer a comprehensive mix of anodic and cathodic products in epoxy, acrylic and other formulations

  • PPG POWERCRON@high-edge, cationic, epoxy electrocoat with an organic catalyst, lower cure temp, more uniform coating, excellent workability, high throwpower
  • PPG FRAMECOAT@II for automotive parts and accessories and other complex parts

Liquid Coatings

Our liquid coatings technology provides exceptional durability and appearance, delivering a complete line of alkyds, urethanes, epoxies and acrylics

  • PPG SPECTRACRONSsolvent-based primers and topcoats
  • PPG DURACRON@ acrylic-based topcoats
  • PPG POLYCRON@ high-solids polyester based topcoats
  • PPG DURASTAR@ super polyester topcoats
  • PPG DURANAR@ fluoropolymer primers and topcoats
  • PPG VELVECRONSsoft-touch coatings

Powder Coatings

PPG's comprehensive mix of acrylic, epoxy, polyester, epoxy polyester hybrid and urethane coatings can answer virtually any application challenge

  • PPG DURANAR@ PVDF fluoropolymer coating
  • PPG CORAFLON@ FEVE fluoropolymer coating
  • PPG ENVIROCRONe polyester-epoxy hybrid, polyurethane, high temperature powder coating
  • PPG ENVIRACRYL@ acrylic powder coating

Ultraviolet & Electrobeam Coatings

Our UV/EB products are available in 100% solid UV, water-base UV and solvent-base UV platforms - each using reactive solvents to convert from liquid to solid during the curing process. Coatings can be sprayed, roll coated or vacuum-coated applied.

  • PPG CLARITAGE anti-scratch UV topcoats
  • PPG RAYCRON@ 100% solid I-JV and solvent borne UV coatings
  • PPG ENVIRONS waterbome stains

Coatings Services (Outsourcing solutions for Every Major Coatings Technology)

Three ways to work with coatings services from PPG:
PPG works with our OEM partners around the world to deliver comprehensive coating solutions. Our
flexible, innovative service offerings include:

  • Equipment design and construction
  • Process optimization and troubleshooting
  • End-to-end coating operation management